Our Contributions

RICHARD has been involved with numerous Hydrogen projects and continues to develop and grow the Hydrogen business segment. Our extensive industrial experience in regards to compression, power distribution, modular electrical buildings, and modular process design makes this marketplace a perfect fit for our capabilities.

The Process

Hydrogen is a gas that has been produced historically in large volumes to supply the refining industry with a high purity hydrogen source for use in Hydro-Processing Units. The process technology utilizes Steam Methane Reformer Technology (SMR) which is the only economical process for the production of large volumes of Hydrogen. Natural gas is the primary feedstock for SMR process units. The hydrogen which is present in the natural gas stream is extracted, purified, compressed and sold to the refineries.

Historically the hydrogen units are located in close proximity to the refineries for several reasons:

Hydrogen Technologies:

Hydrogen Storage:

Hydrogen for the Future: