Meet the Team

We believe true innovation occurs when brilliant minds and motivated people work together to deliver creative solutions. Over the past years, Art and Brent Richard have assembled an extraordinary team of top-tier talent in all disciplines; encouraging personal and professional development in order to achieve the best project outcomes.

Our secret to success is simple: By valuing our people, providing a supportive work environment, and challenging them to excel, we deliver exemplary results and foster creativity and innovation. Richard senior management is directly involved in each project from beginning to end. We believe in streamlined communication and information sharing to ensure that decisions are made effectively and efficiently. It is due to this open and clear line of communication between leadership and management that project delays and overruns are avoided and progress is seen on a continuous basis.

Brent Richard

CEO & Co-Founder

Arthur R. Richard

Senior Executive Consultant

Dean Wenner

Executive VP & General Manager – Houston Office

Michael Krautz


Andy Bennett

General Manager – Corpus Christi Office

Justin Alexander

General Manager - Lake Charles Office

Keith Johnston

Senior EPC Project Director

Shelly Leedy

RAI President

Ranjan Nandi

Richard India

Greg Wolfford

RDS President

Mike Bennett

RCI President

Brandon Spell

General Manager – Beaumont Office