Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Quality cannot be left to chance. RICHARD'S commitment to quality and on-going performance improvement begins with our management and is embraced by all team members.

Quality cannot be left to chance

RICHARD’S standards and expectations are championed by Management and is embraced by all team members. Our quality manuals outline documentation, processes, and procedures applied on each project. At RICHARD, innovative solutions and unmatched execution means ensuring Quality is built into the project from its inception and maintained through completion.

RICHARD maintains a Quality Manual that is audited and approved to be in conformance with ASME and NBIC requirements. Our quality program is a Total Quality Management approach and incorporates many features of international standards ISO 9001. RICHARD maintains applicable code requirements at minimum with the flexibility to implement our client standards to individual projects.

The quality control process includes:

Document Control

Our detailed processes ensure that the most current revisions of drawings and specifications are utilized and readily accessible.

Quality Department Team

Inspectors for RICHARD are individuals with certifications from these industry recognized certifying bodies API, AWS and NACE.

We are a team of accredited individuals with a common goal; ensuring our clients receive the highest quality product delivered safely and on time. The Richard team utilizes Section VIII Div. I intrinsically safe Dell Rugged tablets during field inspections. We are outfitted with internal air cards to maintain access to our cloud based server and provide real-time reporting where possible. (Limited by cellular capabilities in remote locations)

Cloud Based Remote Access

RICHARD'S Quality Team maintains individual client Studios designed to have a standard structure for ease of reference.

Packages and project reporting tools are maintained in real time for easy management and client access to review. We offer our clients full access to quality documentation and reporting tools from project start-up to closeout. The cloud based, password protected, studios remain active for one year post turnover, this allows continued client access even when we are no longer on site. After the one year time frame the projects are archived and stored for 3-5 years depending on the client and code requirements.


Material Management

We verify that all materials are in compliance with design specifications, drawings, and standards with special attention to Client AML and ACL requirements.

Material Storage

We store all materials according to manufacturer's recommendations and client requirements. Ensure alloy segregation across consumable filler metals to process equipment. RICHARD also maintains a fully segregated Section VIII and Power Piping Material laydown area.


RICHARD'S cloud-based quality documentation management allows for in-process auditing by client representatives throughout the project.

This interactive real time updated system gives clients unprecedented access to the pulse of the project. When adopted by client partners the time for test package review and final system turnover is substantially reduced and is as simple as downloading to the client server or, sending to the printer and placed in binders for clean professional documentation that can be easily read and retrieved for Client PCMS input or review for rerates.

Field Installation and Reporting

We ensure that all materials are installed according to specifications, drawings, standards; all components are calibrated and tested to verify proper operations.

Our Quality team works with our Production team members providing continuous in-process examination and feedback, clear communication of code and client requirements and an open-door policy to production team members needing clarification of standards or client’s wanting status from a system level. The Richard team has the capabilities to report quality review down to individual Isometric status if needed.

Our People Make the Difference

Contract Inspectors

RICHARD offers standalone contract inspection services to ensure your facilities and equipment meet your standards and specifications. We employ some of the industry’s most qualified Inspectors with more than 90% accredited by an industry recognized certifying body such as API, AWS or NACE and have a Corporate LVL III with procedures to perform in-house training and qualifications in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A .

We have the resources and flexibility to be able to quickly deploy qualified inspector(s) to your site to meet your quality assurance requirements. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist you with your specific inspection needs.